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Due to a serious lack of participation to the point that we can't even have voting posts, hungergamesland  is closed until further notice. Maybe closer to the movie the comm will become more popular. I'll make a post here once I've decided to open it back up, so you'll all know what's going on. I'm sorry to have to do this, but I have no other choice. Be mad at me if you want, but I made a warning a few weeks back and nothing's changed. 

Thank you, 
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member cuts

Member cuts have been made. If you can see this post but not this post, then you have been cut. If you think I have unfairly cut you from the comm, comment here or PM me and we can talk about it. I only cut for lack of participation. Thanks.
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member cuts

 Members cuts have been made. If you can see this entry but not this entry, you have been cut. I have cut from the main comm (here), team comms, and hgl_the_hob . If I have cut you by mistake, or you feel like I cut you wrongly, please let me know and we can sort it out. If you missed the poll and would like to stay in the community, feel free to reapply. Thank you. 
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WELCOME TO hungergamesland !

1. Be nice! If you have any complaints about the community/another member, please refer to the Page-A-Mod page. Disobeying this rule calls for immediate dismissal.
2. If you have a question, please refer to the Question page. A mod will get back to you as soon as possible.
3. Please accept your invitations to both this community and your team community. Reminders about challenges, among other things,  will be posted in your team communities. 
4. Silver parachutes will be randomly awarded to a member of each team. Team Mentors (mods) will either be asked once a week if they would like to nominate someone, or a poll will be set up in each team community asking for nominations. Silver Parachutes are worth 5 points, and are awarded for any outstanding act of kindness, enthusiasm, helpfulness, etc. These will only be awarded once a week, and maybe not every week.

1. If you want to leave/change teams, please comment at this post, and notify your team leader. Comments are screened. Note: You can only change teams up until a week before the Round ends. And please, do not change teams just because another team is winning.
2. If you do not participate in at least 1 challenge a week, you will be contacted. If you have not responded, you will be kicked out, but you may re-join.
3. Help your teammates! If anyone has questions, do not hesitate to answer them. This is not a competition for individual winners. At the end, a team will win.

1. Please include your team name somewhere on your post to a challenge. This may include a team icon, team banner/signature banner, or simply putting 'Team ___' in at the beginning/end/subject of the comment. No team name=no points.

1. A base set of points will be given at each challenge. Sometimes you may earn partial points, sometimes you may earn the base set for simply participating. It depends on the challenge, so please pay attention to the Points section in the challenge posts.
2. Bonus points may be given to any winners of voting challenges. This will be revealed in the results posts.
3. Points will be updated on a spreadsheet (a link will be provided in the results posts) AFTER the challenge ends. If you notice anything odd about your points, please feel free to notify a mod.

-Mods reserve the right to participate in any challenges (except challenges which require answers we already know) as part of any team they choose to help with points. Or just for the hell of it.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please comment below or PM a mod. Comments will be screened.
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Please fill out the following and comment below. A mod will get back to you as soon as possible, and you will be sent an invitation to join the community and one to join your team community. Please note: Your journal must be at least a month old, with some kind of activity (journal entries/comments posted & received)-if it is not, you will not receive a reply. You can take this to mean you are rejected-but you may apply once again after your journal meets these requirements.

Teams for choosing: Team Katniss, Team Peeta, and Team Gale.

Please read the rules before joining.

<b>Time Zone:</b>
<b>Have you read all 3 books?:</b>
<b>Are you able to compete in at least 1 challenge a week?:</b>
<b>Team choices in order of preference: :</b>
<b>How were you referred? (Please name-drop. Points are awarded for referrals):</b>

hglteamgale team mentors are betty_mraz  and  octagonal 
hglteamkatniss  team mentor is angel_in_tears  
hglteampeeta  team mentors are revengent  and mergana  

We do not currently need any mods.
If you'd like to mod/co-mod a team, please include the following with your application (in the same comment post, please)-
<b>Have you ever been a mod/co-mod for a land-comm? If so, where/how long?:</b>
<b>Are you willing to give weekly/semi-weekly reminders in the team communities?:</b>
<b>Why do you want to mod/co-mod a team?:</b>

Comments are unscreened. If you do not receive a reply within 3 days, please PM palm__tree  .

EDIT 5/14: Team Katniss is in desperate need of more members, so you will be put in Team Katniss. If you want on either of the other 2 teams, you'll most likely have to wait. Just let me know in your application.