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Please fill out the following and comment below. A mod will get back to you as soon as possible, and you will be sent an invitation to join the community and one to join your team community. Please note: Your journal must be at least a month old, with some kind of activity (journal entries/comments posted & received)-if it is not, you will not receive a reply. You can take this to mean you are rejected-but you may apply once again after your journal meets these requirements.

Teams for choosing: Team Katniss, Team Peeta, and Team Gale.

Please read the rules before joining.

<b>Time Zone:</b>
<b>Have you read all 3 books?:</b>
<b>Are you able to compete in at least 1 challenge a week?:</b>
<b>Team choices in order of preference: :</b>
<b>How were you referred? (Please name-drop. Points are awarded for referrals):</b>

hglteamgale team mentors are betty_mraz  and  octagonal 
hglteamkatniss  team mentor is angel_in_tears  
hglteampeeta  team mentors are revengent  and mergana  

We do not currently need any mods.
If you'd like to mod/co-mod a team, please include the following with your application (in the same comment post, please)-
<b>Have you ever been a mod/co-mod for a land-comm? If so, where/how long?:</b>
<b>Are you willing to give weekly/semi-weekly reminders in the team communities?:</b>
<b>Why do you want to mod/co-mod a team?:</b>

Comments are unscreened. If you do not receive a reply within 3 days, please PM palm__tree  .

EDIT 5/14: Team Katniss is in desperate need of more members, so you will be put in Team Katniss. If you want on either of the other 2 teams, you'll most likely have to wait. Just let me know in your application.
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